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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a licence to become a member?

You don’t need a licence to become a member, but you must hold a Boating Licence to take any boat out. We can assist members in obtaining their Boating Licence. Go to the Waterways Authority website to practice online.

2. I am new to boating. Can you teach me?

Yes. The majority of our members are new to boating when they join. Included in your Membership fee is a comprehensive practical course on boat handling and familiarisation, conducted by experienced instructors.

3. How often can I use the boats?

Members are entitled to use the boat for up to 43 days per year during their membership year. Membership is structured on a credit system which allows you to use boats for evenings, whole weekends and weekdays. You decide how often you want to use the boats. For instance if you only wanted to use the boats for an evening cruise during the week, you could take a boat out once a week for the whole year.

4. How are bookings made?

Bookings can be made via the internet owner login page (www. or by phone to the office. Standby use (see below) applies if a boat is not booked after 9.00am on any day.

5. Can I cancel my booked day?

Yes, you can cancel your booking until 48hrs prior to the booked day. You can change your existing bookings to other available dates in the Trimester. There is no charge or restriction on the number of times you can do so.

6. What is a Standby Use?

If the Vessel is unbooked 24hrs prior to 9.00am on any day, if you are first to call you can use the Vessel for the day on standby. This means you will not use up a day of your entitlements. Call the office or check the internet reservation system for Vessel booking status. There is no limit to standby use if the Vessel is available after 9.00am you can use the Vessel for the day if you are first to call. A standby fee under the Rules of Use for cleaning and additional administration costs applies for standby use of the Vessel

7. Can I sell my Shares at any time?

You can sell your Shares in the Company and all rights associated with them at any time provided you follow the procedure set out in the Constitution.